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Japanese Print Dealers - Galleries – BIG LIST Japanese Art Dealers - Japanese Woodblock Print Auctions, Dealers, and Galleries

Japanese Print Dealers, Ukiyo-e Dealers, Japanese Woodblock Print Galleries and Auctions selling Japanese Prints. Also some Japanese Art Dealers.

Among the Japanese print dealers and galleries listed below, some are general Japanese woodblock print dealers, some are more specific ukiyo-e dealers, shin-hanga dealers or sosaku-hanga dealers. We have tried to note specialities for each entry, as well as owners name and location. Further, we have also included some Japanese print auctions. Also note the list is NOT A LIST OF RECOMMENDED DEALERS, GALLERIES OR AUCTIONS. 

See list below. 

++   List UPDATED February 1st, 2019   ++

We are updating this page with new dealers, changed and new information at least every second month. We hope and depend on you helping us with new information. Please use our contact form.

This is the only unbiased, non-commercial (no paid listings), non-spam and regularly updated list of Japanese print dealers on the internet.

How to use the below "A Comprehensive List, Directory and Index of Japanese Print Dealers"

The index consists mainly of dealers who deal in various kinds of Japanese woodblock prints such as Ukiyo-e, Shijo-school, Shin hanga, Sosaku hanga, Modern and Contemporary Japanese prints. Other Edo period Japanese woodblock prints such as maps, sugoroku gameboards, Sendai-e, advertisements are carried by us as well as a few of the below merchants.

We have left out dealers who are mainly dealing in contemporary Japanese prints.

This is not a list of recommendations, reviews or telling the reputation of the dealers and galleries mentioned below. It includes both "The good, the bad and the very ugly". You have to do your own research find out who is who.

The largest amount of dealers are located in Japan (only a few are listed here because of the language barrier), followed by the USA. If you are interested in Japanese woodblock print dealers and Japanese print galleries in Japan you are always welcome to contact us! In Europe, you find several dealers in each of the following UK, Germany, and Holland. Most other European countries have a sprinkling of ukiyo-e dealers. Sadly, the country where collecting Japanese prints in the West started, France, have very few dealers left, and no "big" dealer anymore.

We also list some auction houses and internet Japanese woodblock print auctions. Please remember auctions can be a very dangerous minefield for the collector without many years of experience and a vast amount of knowledge. As a piece of general advice I would think it is better for the novice and the intermediate collector to stay away from auctions, otherwise, you might spend a lot of money on "trial and error" purchases which you will not be able to recuperate.

This list of Japanese print dealers is regularly updated, if you are interested, please subscribe to get the latest information. Enter your email in the "subscribe" box top, left column.
If you intend to purchase Japanese prints and/or Ukiyo-e, see note below the dealers listing!

Japanese Print Dealers, Galleries, Private Dealers and Art Consultants


  • Fine Japanese Prints and Paintings PLC — Worldwide Appraisers, Art Consultants, and Dealers. Speciality: Museum quality Japanese art. 45+ years of experience, expert knowledge of Japanese prints. Trusted by the major international insurance companies, museum and "professional" collectors alike.  http://www.japaneseprintappraisal.com/  
The present website.

Below are more Japanese print dealers and galleries. Please remember: This is not a list of recommendations.

  • Arts and Designs of Japan, (Lois & Peter Gilder), San Francisco, California, USA. A husband and wife team of long experience and with a general stock of ukiyo-e prints. thttp://www.artsanddesignsjapan.com
  • Allinson Gallery, (Jane Allinson), Storrs, Connecticut, USA,  a general print dealer with prints by Western artists but also a small section of Japanese prints. http://www.allinsongallery.com/
  • Asian Collection Japanese Woodblock Print Auction, Gloucester, Virginia, USA, the oldest online auction of Japanese prints http://www.woodblockprint.com/ Stopped auctions in 2012.
  • Azuma Gallery, contemporary woodblock prints, the 1960s and onwards, Seattle, Washington State, USA, http://www.azumagallery.com
  • The Brandt Collection, (Al and Mary Ellen Brandt), San Antonio, Texas, USA 
  • Carolyn Staley Fine Prints, Seattle, Washington, USA, http://www.carolynstaleyprints.com/
  • Castle Fine Arts, Frank Castle, Del Mar, (prev. San Francisco), California, United States of America. www.castlefinearts.com
  • Christie's, NYC, New York, USA, London, England, UK, United Kingdom, One of the leading auction houses in the world, has a few sales a year of Japanese antiques which usually includes a very small section on Japanese Prints. From about 1900 until the mid-1990s used to have 4-10 specialised Japanese print auctions a year. Christies.com
  • Sandvoss, Hannover, Germany, Deutschland, www.galeriesandvoss.de THIS LINK SEEMS NON-WORKING.
  • Erik Thomsen LLC Asian Art, NYC, New York, USA, General Japanese antiques, a few prints. http://www.erikthomsen.com/
  • Firma Margot Lörcher, Aystetten, Germany, Deutschland,  http://www.japanese-prints.com/ THIS LINK SEEMS NON-WORKING.
  •  Gallery East, Perth, West Australia, David Forrest and Jane Nedela, general Japanese woodcut prints.  http://www.galleryeast.com.au
  • Gordon Friese, Antiquariat Mephisto, Unna, Germany, Deutschland, http://antiquariat-mephisto.de/
  • Hanlin Gallery (Carlos Prata), Ukiyo-e, Contemporary and Modern Japanese Prints. The only dealer in Hong Kong offering a selection of ukiyo-e and shin hanga. Well worth visiting if you are in Hong. On Hollywood Road - the famous antique dealer street. http://www.hanlingallery.com 
  • Hans-Martin Schmitz, Offerman & Schmitz, Köln, Germany, Deutschland, http://asianartschmitz.de/
  • Hara Shobo, (Hidenori Hara and Toshiyuki Hara) Jinbocho, Kanda, Tokyo. One of the most accessible dealers in Japan, Speaks excellent English. https://www.harashobo.com
  • Herbert Egenolf Gallery (Veronica Miller), Burbank, Los Angeles, United States of America, http://www.egenolfgallery.com/
  • Hotei Japanese Prints, Hotei Japanse Prenten, Chris Uhlenbeck, Leiden, Holland, The Netherlands. Japanse Prenten & Japanse Kleuren Houtsnedes. The dealer with the biggest stock in the Netherlands. http://www.hotei-japanese-prints.com/
  • Israel Goldman (Izzy Goldman or Issy Goldman), a London (UK) and USA (Kansas City, Missouri) based private dealer www.israelgoldman.com
  • Japan Gallery, New York City, NYC, New York. Specialist private gallery for Japanese prints and in particular ukiyo-e. Owned by Ms Ayako Abe. A longtime and knowledgeable dealer. http://www.japangalleryprints.com
  • Japan Prints, (Marty Bronstein), Tumacacori, Arizona (formerly of Evanston, Illinois), USA. A good dealer in modern prints. http://www.japanprints.com/
  • Japan Print Gallery, (William O'Rorke), London, England, UK. O'Rorke is especially strong on serial prints by Kunisada, Osaka, and Chikanobu, also bird and flower prints by Koson and Rakuzan. The Japanese print Gallery has become a private dealer since 2013. www.Japaneseprints.net
  • Japanese Gallery, (Wertheim), Kensington Church Street and Islington, London, England, United Kingdom, http://www.japanesegallery.co.uk/default.php
  • Joan B. Mirviss Ltd., NYC, New York, USA, http://www.mirviss.com
  • John Adams, Santa Rosa, USA, http://www.adamsjapaneseprints.com/
  • Jörg Eberle, Nürnberg, Germany, Deutschland
  • Huys den Esch Gallery, Jan & Anne van Doesburg, Dodewaard, The Netherlands, Holland. Woodblock prints and ukiyo-e. www.huysdenesch.com 
  • Karl Henning, Zen Art, Hamburg, Germany,  Deutschland,  www.asianart-hennig.de
  • Kunsthandel Klefisch, Köln, Germany, Lempertz, Köln, Germany, http://www.klefisch.com/
  • Lella and Gianni Morra, Venice, Italy. Specialized in Japanese art and crafts focus on woodblock prints. The largest and best stock in Italy.  http://www.morra-japaneseart.com/
  • Merlin C. Dailey & Associates, Inc, Victor, New York, United States of America, http://www.merlindailey.com/
  • Mita Arts Gallery, (David Caplan & Ken Caplan) Tokyo, Japan, http://www.mita-arts.com/
  • Monika Schmidt, Galerie Am Haus Der Kunst, Munich, München, Germany, Deutschland, www.monika-schmidt.com/
  •  Ohmi Gallery, a Japanese based internet gallery business mainly selling modern prints, proprietor Ross Walker, based in Biwa, Japan. Even though I have been doing Japanese prints for nearly 40 years in Japan, I have never met or know anything about the owner of this gallery (AR). The online site contains a mixture of genuine and reproduction prints. http://www.ohmigallery.com/
  • Oranda jin (Jon de Jong, Shijo-, Nanga- and Maruyama- school, Japanese scroll paintings, Japanese drawings and Japanese fan paintings, a few by ukiyoe artists), 's-Hertogenbosch and Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands, http://www.orandajin.com/index.php
  • Peter Ujlaki, Kobe, Japan. The domain name is self-explanatory, a good range of Osaka prints. P. Ujlaki is the quintessential "otaku" of Osaka theatrical prints. OsakaPrints.com
  • Osamu Konishi, Los Angeles, USA
  • Petrie-Rogers Gallery,  (Laurie Petrie Rogers & Waynor Rogers), Tucson, AZ, Mainly post-war prints, http://www.trocadero.com/petrierogers/ 
  • Prints of Japan, Port Townsend, Washington, USA, www.printsofjapan.com
  • Randall Antiques & Fine Art, (Kelly Wallace), St Petersburg, FL http://www.rafa.com/finearts.htm#Jpnwdblck
  • NEW Rare Oriental Book Co., (Jerold) Jerry Stanoff, Aptos (close to Santa Cruz, San Jose, and San Fransisco), California, USA. Reference books on Japanese woodblock print, ehon, and shinhanga.  www.rareorientalbooks.com
  • Ren Brown Collection, Bodega Bay, USA, http://www.renbrown.com/
  • Richard Kruml, Fine Japanese Prints Ltd, Richmond, London, England, UK. The most knowledgeable ukiyo-e dealer in London & the UK. Richard Kruml is a veteran of the Japanese print trade. http://www.japaneseprints-london.com
  • Robin Kennedy Fine Japanese Prints, Richmond, London, England, United Kingdom, http://www.japaneseprints.co.uk/ Link seems not working.
  • Robin Buntyn, http://www.robynbuntin.com/ukiyo-e/default.asp
  • Rolf M Degener Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany, Deutschland, http://www.degener.com/
  • Ronin Gallery, (Ronin Neuer & Herbert Libertson), New York City, USA. On the internet description Ronin gallery claims  “Ronin Gallery is the world's largest private collection of Japanese prints”. This claim might be somewhat unrealistic and very, very optimistic by the owner.  http://www.roningallery.com/
  • Saru Gallery, (Eric van den Ing), Japanse Kunst, Japanse Prenten & Japanse Kleuren Houtsnedes. Uden, Holland, The Netherlands. Mainly interested in Sosaku Hanga http://www.sarugallery.com
  • Scholten Japanese Art, New York, USA, www.scholten-japanese-art.com
  • Scriptum (Margrit Schurman), Shin hanga, modern and contemporary prints. www.scriptum.com. Berkeley, San Fransisco, California, USA.
  • Sebastian Izzard, LLC Asian Art, New York, USA. A former longtime Christie auction house employee. Makes very good catalogues in the tradition of British auctioneers. Top end items for the collector with a very big budget. http://www.izzardasianart.com/
  • Shogun Gallery, (Toni L. Hunter), Washington DC, USA,  Washington DC, USA. http://www.shogungallery.com/about_us.php
  • Shotei.com. Sales gallery owned by Marc Kahn, Vancouver, Washington State, WA, USA. Sales of shin hanga prints; mainly by Hiroaki (Shotei) and minor artist of the shin hanga movement. Shotei.com
  • Sobi Gallery, (Mr Matsuoka). A "westerner friendly" private dealer in Tokyo, shinhanga focused. http://www.sobi2pallas.jp/e-index.html
  • Stuart Jackson Gallery, (Stuart Jackson), Toronto, Canada, http://www.jacksonarts.com/
  • Galerie (Gallery) Tanakaya. Owned by Tamio Ikeda, seems to be the only gallery open to the public which sells ukiyo-e and Japanese woodblock prints (Estampes  Japonaises) in Paris. L'Estampes japonaises originales, Ukiyo-e, Shin-Hanga et Sôsaku-Hanga -  les peintures, livres illustrés du Japon. http://www.tanakaya.fr/ 
  • The Art of Japan, Seattle, Washington, USA (Richard Waldman & (Douglas) Doug Frazer), general Japanese woodblock prints, Seattle, Washington, USA http://www.theartofjapan.com/
  • Michael Thun, Gallery Inkstone, Hannover, Germany, Chinese and Japanese prints, http://www.gallery-inkstone.com
  • The Tolman Collection, Tokyo, Japan, also New York City. Contemporary Japanese prints by such artists as Toko Shinoda, Clifton Karhu, Daniel Kelly, Ryohei Tanaka, Shigeki Kuroda and similar. The Tolman Collection is mainly a primary market gallery which means they are buying the art from the artist, not from collectors and auctions. The Tolman Collection
  • Things Japanese, (Dan Levitz), New York, NY, http://www.thingsjapanese.com/
  • Thomas Doster, Kunsthandlung Doster, Tübingen, Germany, Deutschland www.kunsthandlung-doster.de/
  • Toshusai, (Mr Naito), Tokyo, Japan, ukiyo-e dealer, http://www.ukiyoe.com/
  • Tokugawa Gallery, (Dean Stumma), Phoenix, AZ,  http://tokugawagallery.com/
  • Torii Gallery, (Chuck Citrin), Bethesda, MD. Mostly shinhanga, www.hanga.com
  • Tsuru Gallery,   (Natalia Howe & Nicole Kryszuk), Newport, RI. Mainly ukiyo-e prints, previously in Manhattan, NYC, http://www.tsurugallery.com/
  • Ukiyoe-Gallery, (Andreas Grund & Thomas Crossland), Corvallis, Oregon, USA, http://www.ukiyoe-gallery.com/
  • Ukiyo-e Gallery, (Hanns Peter Kunz), Sigmaringen, Germany, Deutschland, www.ukiyo-e-gallery.de
  • Verne Collection Inc., (Michael Verne), Cleveland, USA, http://www.vernegallery.com/

  • Further dealers with ukiyo-e galleries, Japan prints galleries, and woodblock prints galleries and without links are;
    • Andreas Grund, a private dealer in Shin-hanga, Germany and Tokyo, Japan (Grund is also trading under the name Ukiyo-e Gallery in the USA).
    • Hans Peter Kunz, Japanischer Farbholzschnitte, Deutschland
    • Henrik Lühl, Japanischer Farbholzschnitt, Osaka-e specialist, Germany
    • Jan Lühl, Estampe Japonaise, Paris, France (passed away)
    • Lütz Walters, Kyoto, and Germany, Old maps, mainly with Japanese interest,
    • Ross Walker, Australia, and Omi, Japan. Dealer in Japanese prints in Omi, Japan and/or maybe Australia?
    • Mr Masaaki Ito, Fuji Arts, Nagoya, Japan, reliable dealer, mainly landscapes and prints of topographical interest. Mr Ito used to be the main person responsible for Japanese print auctions under the now-defunct company JAA (Japanese Art Auction).
    • Kumiko Nishi, top-end dealer in Tokyo.

    We have tried to mostly select art dealers and galleries, we believe are ethical dealers, However, for some of the above merchants there is not a lot known, so please be very cautious. Please do your research and compare the items well.

    The Japanese print dealers listed are for the convenience of the readers of this blog to be able to find Japanese print dealers on the Internet. We know we are alone among all dealers to have a list of the competition. However, we think it is important to show other dealers so you can make more informed decisions.

    The Internet has empowered some people to seem as reliable and honourable dealers while many times the opposite is true. Especially if you use for example Google, several of the dealers listed on the first few pages are seriously overpriced (sometimes 10 times the market price or more) and/or sell inferior material and/or mislabeled/misrepresented material (bad condition, late impressions, reprints, fakes and so on). The only way to avoid this is by doing your own checks and try to find out more information. Internet research does not really work well as many times the "faults" (the rotten "apples" just keep appearing) just gets compounded. (There are also a few good dealers on the first few pages.)

    If you do a Google search on "Japanese prints" and think this "Google ranking" is in anyway a reflection of reality, you will go terribly wrong! The ranking neither reflects the quality of websites or the quality of the merchandise. And worst - the honesty and integrity of the business practice of the website owner.
    Most of the best don't turn up on the first few search pages, if at all! A couple of the worst turns up on the first pages.
    IMPORTANT WARNING - A couple of the business appearing on page 1 and 2 when you search for "Japanese prints" are severely overcharging and/or misrepresenting faked prints as genuine. (as of 21/11 2012, Google "unpersonalized" search, search performed in the USA)

    Several of the top dealers in the world have no web presence or just a nominal "business card" websites which are very difficult to find. Most of these dealers are not included here. As they are basically not web friendly, nor seems to want business derived from the web. Also, most of the dealers in Japan are not included here as they can't communicate in English or any other Western language. We have tried to note the specialities of some dealers.

    We encourage you to try to meet as many dealers as possible in person.

    The links do not imply we are recommending any of the above Japanese print galleries. You can always contact us in trying to help you contact any of the galleries or dealers, as we have noted some are very difficult to contact. We can also direct you to suitable and ethical dealers in your area or dealers who might be of interest to you.
    There are about 350-400 Japanese print dealers in the world, most of which don't have or only have a scant web presence. Many of the most active (and/or best) dealers have no or just a scant web presence. 

    If you are a dealer and would like to have your information here, get it updated or removed, please contact us.

    Japanese Woodblock Print Auctions

    Please note: Some of the auctions reputations is not stellar!

    In auctions you have to be aware there are no returns, usually a strict "caveat emptor"*.

    One auction mentioned below sells some fakes as genuine, however, we think they actually might not have the expertise to tell the difference, hopefully, rather than having malicious or fraudulent intent. Here we can not point out whom it is because of legal reasons. 

    The other auctions are usually a bit more reliable even though some makes the occasional mistake. Most of the below auctions you will still have a better chance to make a reasonable buy then in your local auction house or eBay. However, it is usually much better to buy the prints from a good dealer rather than at an auction. We are often contacted by people who only bought their prints in various auctions, nearly invariably we find their collections to be worth much less than they paid.

    Ebay is much better avoided by the neophyte collector, even the intermediate collector will have serious difficulties. The collector with many years (10+) of experience, should be very careful and think twice before bidding. There are a sparse few good sellers but the vast majority is somewhat lacking in knowledge and integrity, their merchandise is lacking even more so. 

    *Caveat emptor is the Latin for "let the buyer beware." It is used to indicate that sales are final and due diligence is the sole responsibility of the buyer before the auction is finished and the sale becomes final.
    Due diligence - YOU have to investigate everything is as it seems ("Is it genuine?", is it good condition? and so on).
    The auctioneer usually can give non-committing advice. However, if there is something wrong with the prints you bought it is still your problem and you are likely to take the loss, whatever the auctioneer said. If in doubt ask questions and look carefully! If you have good contact with a very professional dealer they might sometimes be able to help you with advice.
    All this said, most of the non-eBay auctions are reasonably honest and try to do their best.

    Read the below but deal with the auctioneers with a great deal of caution, if you decide to make contact.
    • Christie's, New York, USA, London, England, UK, United Kingdom, www.christies.com 
    • Sotheby's, New York, USA, London, England, UK, United Kingdom, www.sothebys.com/
    • Lempertz, Cologne, Germany,
    • Klefisch, Cologne, Germany  (HAVE STOPPED
    • Artelino Auctions, Dieter Wanczura, Icking, München, Germany http://www.artelino.com/f
    • Floating World Gallery, (Roberta & Bill (William) Stein), Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, http://www.floatingworld.com/
    • Asian Collection Japanese Print Auction, Janice, and Paul Knutson, White Marsh, Virginia, USA, http://www.woodblockprint.com/. Stopped auctions.
    • Auctions Ukiyo-e, John Rose, London, England, UK, United Kingdom ( THIS SITE HAVE STOPPED) http://www.auctionsukiyoe.com/index.html Link not working.
    • Ukiyo-e World seems to handle mostly material in less good to inferior condition items. 
    • Ukiyo-e Gallery a very "mixed" bag of items.
    • Jasper52, seem to have quite high prices in some case significantly higher than normal retail, possibly why there is a rather low sales percentage.
    We would like to hear our readers comments about the above auctions, please email us.

    The Japanese Print Dealers Directory and Index include:

    • Japanese Woodblock Print Dealers and Gallery Directory
    • Ukiyo-e Print Dealers and Gallery Directory
    • Shin Hanga Print Dealers and Gallery Directory
    • Sosaku Hanga Print Dealers and Gallery Directory
    • Japanese Modern Print Dealers and Gallery Directory
    • Japanese Print Galleries Directory
    • Japanese Print Auctions Directory
    • It does not include a Contemporary Japanese Print Dealers and Gallery
      Directory. Even though some of the above have some contemporary prints.
    To some extent also Japanese Painting Galleries, as well as Japanese Art Galleries, are included. In some case, we have identified the dealer or galleries by specialities, but please try to visit many to
    find out for yourself about specialities, qualities, and prices.

    Japanese Prints —  HOME!

    *Possible trademarks and/or business names, in the above list, are the property of their respective owners. All rights are reserved to their owners. This website is not affiliated (except Fine Japanese Prints and Paintings PLC) with the trademark holders or business owners and is not intended to provide any advice or information related to any interaction with the above entities/businesses. 

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