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Shin Hanga - Taisho period - Yumeji

Shin Hanga and Japanese Prints during the Taisho Period (Yumeji et al.)

The World of Taisho Images - Modern Design and Illustration

(Exhibition catalogue and book, Shoto Museum)

(Taishō imajurii no sekai : Dezain to irasutorēshon no modānzu)

Taisho Takehisa Yumeji Japanese Print
Exhibition Catalog - Taisho Period design and illustrations
Author: Toshiyuki Yamada; Tomoko Taniguchi; Noriaki Seo
山田俊幸,谷口朋子,瀬尾典昭,竹内貴久雄, 辺見海編 ; 山田俊幸監修 山田, 俊幸, 谷口, 朋子, 瀬尾, 典昭
Softcover: 192 pages, maybe 600-700 colour illustrations.
Publisher: Piebukkusu (PIE Books) (2010/11/19), Tokyo
ISBN 978-4-89444-868-1

$ 45 + pp $10 (Europe/USA) (only 2 copies available 1 left)

A fine overview of the pictorial graphical design, illustrations, prints, postcards and stationery items published in the Taisho period.

Artists mentioned in this catalogue include; Sugiura Hisui, Takabatake Kasho, Takahashi Haruka, Fukiya Koji, Hashiguchi Goyo, Maeda Masao, Kobayashi Kaichi, Takehisa Yumeji, Tachibana Sayume, Okamoto Kiichi, Koga Harue, Fujishima Takeji, Sakamoto Hanjiro, Tomimoto Kenkichi et alia. Many them of given their own short essay plus 5-20 representative works.

Several different areas of graphical design and fine art prints are not covered in this publication, for example, fan prints, both "fine art" fans as well as promotional, scant on advertisements, posters and similar.

There are also some glaring omissions among the artists of the period, for example, Takeuchi Seiho, and many different Nihonga artist which also worked with graphical design, as well as many artists associated with the Sosaku hanga and Shin hanga movements.

However this catalogue is so far the best overview of the subject, it should be in the library of anybody interested in the art of this period.  

Highly recommended!

Prints by;
  • Kawase  Hasui
  • Ito Shinsui
  • Takehisa Yumeji
  • Fujishima Takeji
  • Hashiguchi Goyo
  • Sugiura  Hisui
  • Sakamoto Hanjiro
  • Tomimoto Kenkichi
  • Takabatake Kasho
  • Hirokawa Matsugoro
  • Kishida Ryusei
  • Tachibana Sayume
  • Koga Harue
  • Kobayashi Kaichi
  • Fukiya Koji
  • Maeda Masao
  • Takenaka Etaro
  • Saito Keizo
  • Okamoto Kiichi
  • Takahashi Haruka
and a multitude of other important and less important artists of the period.

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By Anders Rikardson

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