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Ota Nampo - Shokusanjin

Ota Nampo - Shokusanjin (1749-1823) (大田南畝 - 蜀山人)(Ota Nanpo) - Daruma, Kakemono Nikuhitsu, Sumie

Ota Nampo (Nanpo) Shokusanjin. Daruma, paintingand Calligraphy with Poem
Ota Nampo - Daruma, signed Shokusanjin (artist name of Nampo)
Shokusanjin - Ota Nampo
Ota Nampo - Poem, signed Shokusanjin (artist name of Nampo)
Shokusanjin Daruma
Shokusanjin ga - Signature of Ota Nampo

Ota Nampo (Nanpo) - Shokusanjin (1749-1823) (大田南畝 - 蜀山人)

The Zen Buddhist patriarch Daruma (Bodhidharma) is seen from behind holding a fly-whisk. Both the painting and the poem is by Ota Nampo (Ota Nanpo). The poem above is signed Shokusanjin.

Date: First years of the 19th century.
Condition: Generally good, but some toning to the paper, it is less toned then you would imagine from the images. Some crease marks, some light soiling scuffs and stains.
Size: A hanging scroll, kakemono, Painted on paper. The mount seems to be a period mount. Later top and bottom, jikusaki (scroll knobs) later.
Signed: Shokusanjin

Ota Nampo (Nanpo) (a.k.a. Shokusanjin) was the most influential bunjin, calligrapher, poet and writer of the late 18th cent and early 19th cent. Shokusanjin worked together with for example Hokusai, Eishi, Utamaro, Toyokuni I, and numerous other ukiyo-e artists, as well as artists from other schools. It is very difficult to find an original painting by Ota Nampo, less then 10 are recorded.
The poem has no yet been read and translated.

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Clicking the above images will not create an enlargement. Alternative spelling - Ota Nanpo

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