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Japanese Woodblock Prints – Free Japanese Print Appraisal

Japanese Print Appraisal


Or you will likely lose money!

  • We can do a free "Japanese Woodblock Print Appraisal" of your Japanese prints. 
  • You will get the real market value of your Japanese woodblock prints and artworks. (You will find in which market and location you will get the most money for your assets.)
  • We can get you the best cash price for your prints, paintings and/or illustrated books. We will not "low-ball" but will give you prices based on proven and identifiable true market prices
  • Our lead International appraiser, Anders Rikardson (resident of Tokyo, Japan), was appointed an authorized appraiser of Oriental Art in 1982 by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. From 1977 to 1982 he trained as a junior appraiser with Nathan Oppenheimer (expert dealer and appraiser of 17th-century Dutch paintings). Rikardson has 50 years of professional international experience with Japanese Prints and Japanese Art, as an expert consultant, dealer, and an appraiser.
    Rikardson has been doing professional appraisals and evaluations of collections and estates on five continents. Appraised Japanese print collections and individual items, as well as given expert advice to elite collectors, main museums around the world, international auction houses, law enforcement agencies, tax authorities, law firms, NPOs, insurance companies, an expert witness in trials and in arbitration proceedings.
  • Our lead Japanese appraiser is Tamami Watanabe who is an experienced appraiser who previously worked for the auctioneers Christie's at their Head Quarter in London, some of the foremost Oriental art dealers as well as some the most famous contemporary art galleries in the world. Ms. Watanabe trained at Sotheby's Institute of Art and received her education at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University.
  • For a free Japanese art appraisal, send us an email or use the contact form below!
  • We also do formal appraisals for insurance, tax and/or estate division purposes. All formal appraisals are strictly conforming to USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, see The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council as per The Appraisal Subcommittee) 
  • All appraisals are strictly confidential.



    • If you intend to sell your Japanese woodblock prints and are not sure about the value. You have already received an appraisal or valuation, you think you have assets of some value, you should always get a second opinion appraisal. If the person/gallery/auction would like you to sell or consign the items to them, act as your broker or otherwise control the sale of the items, you should always get a second opinion estimate of the value. If your prints are a considerable asset it is very wise to have them valued every few years.

    Email your inquiry and images to;
    or use the form below.
    Large Collections
    Large Collections – Also Free Valuations

    Advanced Appraisals 

    Read below the "appraisal form" about "Advanced Appraisals" 
    "Appraisal Check List for Large Collections".

    Important: Japanese print appraisal and valuation checklist.

    (if you have a larger collection 25 or more prints)

    Step 1

    •  Contact us with a short email. (If you can, email us a few sample images, otherwise proceed to step 2.)

    Step 2

    • Make a short descriptive list of the Japanese prints.
    • If known: Please state the provenance of the prints, who owned them, how they were acquired. Please mention so on the above list.
    • Photograph the items. If possible, but not necessary, try to photograph a detail and also the back of the print - If you have framed prints. Try natural daylight but an area free of direct sunlight. Please photograph without a flash and try to avoid reflections in the glass.
    • If you photograph with a digital camera you can attach the images to an email or burn a CD or DVD, or you can send paper images if you so prefer. (*). You can also upload the images to us, please contact us for details
    • If you have a larger collection please enclose a numbered descriptive list with your photos.
    • Don't forget to include your name, email and address details.
    • If you have many large images you can email us all of the images. If so, we will give you a special email address which can receive a huge amount of data. 
    • If you have a large collection of Japanese prints for appraisal, it is better to have the images of the prints on paper or collected on a CD/DVD, if so it is still advisable to send some samples by email. Please email us your descriptive list and contact details.
    • We are located in Japan and will supply the mailing address to you by email.

    READ MORE – USPAP – Japanese Woodblock Print Appraisal and Value 

    • We apply USPAP* strictly only to our formal written and paid for appraisals. We will define in the appraisal cover if the USPAP norms are used. In informal appraisals such as online appraisals, oral appraisals by meeting or by telephone, informal approximate ("ballpark") appraisals and so on, USPAP is not strictly used.
    • For example, an online appraisal where we have not been able to see and physically examine the object is not a USPAP appraisal, but a general approximate ("ballpark") valuation based on the information supplied by the client based on the image. On inspection of the actual item, there might be a correction of the appraised value. Sometimes the revised value can be increased due to merits of the item not apparent in the photograph or revised downwards because of defects not easily distinguishable in the image.

    Advanced Appraisals

    •  We can appraise and make an evaluation of whole collections of Japanese art, Japanese woodblock prints and/or individual fine and valuable Japanese prints, paintings, and books on location.
We can visit you. We travel in East Asia (sometimes Australia) once a month, USA and Europe every second month. We can deliver the appraisal in any format required.
    • We have assisted in arbitration proceedings.
We have during the last 30 years been asked for expert advice by the 3 "Big" auction houses on matters of authenticity and value of Japanese art.
    • We are very experienced as international art appraisers, and we have appraised Japanese artwork on five continents.
We have a profound knowledge about market prices around the world. We can do a versatile valuation so you will find where your art is highest valued. There are big price and value differences between regional markets.
 We are not using auction price guides as the singular tool (as most "appraisers") for appraising the prints, this usually gives very inaccurate values, but a combination of price experiences in various markets, such as gallery retail, art and antique fairs, private retail, public auctions and Japanese private auctions, as well as regional differences in the mentioned markets. The auction price guides by themselves often give a very inaccurate picture of the true market value of a Japanese print.
 When dealing with auction companies we can help you to fully understand the pro and cons of the auction business and auction house contracts.
    • We can tell you how to understand, the often arbitrary, pre-auction estimates. 

The hammer price and the buyer's premiums in relation to you as a buyer or seller. If you are a seller we can explain how to deal with the auction houses "tactics" to secure your property for sale. How an auctioneer evaluates your Japanese woodblock prints, the pre-sale estimates, the in and outs of contract writing with an auction house. We can advise you on how to maximize your revenue from an auction sale. We have sold and bought tens of thousands of items on our account as well as on behalf of our clients during the last 40 years, with auction houses on five continents such as Christie's, Sotheby's, Bonham's and hundreds of others. If you sell with an auction house they should always offer a reserve price, which should be equal or just below their lower estimate. The reserve should be free of any charges. If they don't go somewhere else. Though bear in mind, for good prints, an auction is usually not a good alternative.
    • Formal appraisals are conducted strictly according to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP as applied in the EU to non-real estate appraisals).
    • Informal appraisals and online appraisal are done according to what we can discern from the image you sent us. It will give a possible "ball-park" value based on your images/photos. To give an absolute correct appraisal we have to see the actual prints first hand.
    • In the appraisal of your Japanese woodblock prints we can make an assessment of restoration and conservation needs, if any, and give an approximate estimate of the possible conservation and restoration costs. We can recommend specialist conservators of Japanese woodblock prints and tell you who will be the best match for the problems of your Japanese woodblock prints. It's especially important expensive Ukiyo-e prints are accompanied by a detailed condition report.
    • Second opinion appraisals - We do second opinion appraisals. We can review an already made appraisal or valuation for the correctness of the value. This is especially important if you intend to sell your assets as you might otherwise get much less then the full value of your assets. An informal second opinion can often be done free.
    • We will give you a full and exceptionally detailed  report (Formal appraisal).
    *USPAP – Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

    We appraise all sorts of Japanese Prints - Ukiyo-e, Japanese Woodblock Prints, Japanese etchings, Mezzotints, and Japanese Lithographs.
    Ehon, Illustrated Books, Posters and other Prints as well as Ephemera.
    Links Wikipedia:
    Japanese Prints 

    Hasui value, valuation and appraisals.

    We appraise and can give values, valuations, and prices for prints by all other shin hanga artists such as Kawase Hasui, Ito Shinsui, Torii Kotondo, Natori Shunsen, Hiroshi Yoshida, Hashiguchi Goyo, Takahashi Hiroaki (Takahashi Shotei), Shiro Kasamatsu, Ishiwata Koitsu, Shiko Munakata and Tsuchiya Koitsu. Please contact us. 

    Valuations of Japanese woodblock prints

    Paid for valuations of Japanese woodblock prints undertaken promptly. Pro bono valuations of Japanese prints and Japanese art; we do a maximum of five valuations per day.

    Hasui value and Munakata value.

    Further content about the value of Hasui's prints as well as other Shinhaga will appear here. As well as values and evaluation techniques of Shiko Munkata prints and other modern works.

    from the latest news about Japanese prints.
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