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Japanese Woodblock Prints – Free Japanese Print Appraisal

Japanese Art, Painting and Screen Appraisal

Japanese Art Appraisal

Free appraisal of Japanese Paintings, Screens, Japanese Woodblock Prints, Ceramics, Netsuke and other Japanese art objects

Appraisals by certified specialist Japanese Art Appraisers with more than 45 years of International appraisal experience.

We also have the help of two extremely qualified Japanese appraisers of Japanese art and art objects as "out counsel"; for tea ceremony related objects, metal work, ceramics, calligraphies and Heian and Kamakura period painting and calligraphy. Both of whom has been working for one of the foremost international auction houses.

Free appraisal available. Send images with your email, if possible.

Please contact us at; info@japaneseprintappraisal.com
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We appraise Japanese art, works of art and art objects:

Below we have divided the appraisal and valuation of Japanese art and works of art into several sub categories depending on the type of object. There are however quite a few more types of objects, please contact us for further information if you have any other object which you would like to have appraised.
The below categories are: 

• Japanese art • Screen • Calligraphy • Japanese Woodblock Prints • Modern Japanese Paintings • Modern Japanese Prints • Buddhist Sculpture • Tea Ceremony Objects •  Japanese Ceramics • Japanese Pottery • Raku Ware • Japanese Porcelain • Netsuke • Inro • Lacquer • Cloisonné • Silver • Japanese Sculpture • Japanese Wood Carvings • Ivory Carving and Sculptures • Japanese Swords • Tsuba and other Japanese sword fittings.

Japanese Paintings: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Screens: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Calligraphy: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Woodblock Prints: Appraisal and valuation

Modern Japanese Paintings and Modern Japanese Prints: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Buddhist Sculpture: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Tea Ceremony Objects: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Ceramics, Japanese Pottery and Japanese Porcelain: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Netsuke: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Inro: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Lacquer: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Cloisonné: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Silver: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Sculpture and Japanese Wood Carvings: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Ivory Carvings: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Swords: Appraisal and valuation

Japanese Tsuba and other Japanese sword fittings: Appraisal and valuation

An initial evaluation of your objects is free of charge, this will usually suffice for most people.

 Further, we can do a "nonbinding" online Japanese art appraisal:
  • Starting fee US $10 and $1.50 per object.
This gives you a value based on your images. This appraisal is an indication of what might be the possible value and date of your artwork, however, in many situations, this type of appraisal is enough.

For very valuable objects or collections, a standard appraisal is highly recommended so we can see the object first hand.

If you want to sell your art work we might be able to do a purchase evaluation free of charge and refer you to a suitable buyer.

We have a limited capacity for free appraisals and online appraisals.

Appraisals, evaluations, and cataloging of Japanese prints and Japanese paintings are done with the highest accuracy and speed. Conservation advice is given on request.

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