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Japanese Woodblock Prints – Free Japanese Print Appraisal

Links - Japanese Woodblock Prints, Japanese Print Appraisal, Value, Valuation, Museum, Dealers and appraisers

Museums and Collections in the USA with holdings of Japanese Woodblock Prints, Ukiyo-e and other types of Japanese Prints

Donald Keene Center for Japanese Culture
The Gitter-Yelen Foundation
The Ruth and Sherman Lee Institute for Japanese Art
AMAM, Allen Memorial Art Museum
Oberlin, Ohio, Japanese prints and ukiyo-e, Japanese paintings
Arthur M Sackler Museum, Harvard University Art Museum
Cambridge, Massachusetts, Japanese woodblock prints and ukiyo-e, Japanese paintings
Asian Art Museum
San Fransisco, California, Japanese woodblock prints and ukiyo-e, Japanese paintings, and a fine collection of post-war sosaku-hanga Japanese woodcut prints.
Art Imagebase - An extensive database from the Fine Art Museums of San Francisco with illustrations of over 75,000 images. San Fransisco, California, USA
BMA, Brooklyn Museum of Art
New York City, New York, Japanese woodblock prints and ukiyo-e, Japanese ukiyo-e paintings, good collection of Kunisada and Kuniyoshi and ukiyoe by similar artists.
Denver Art Museum
Denver, Colorado
Honolulu Academy of Arts
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, A fine collection of Japanese prints given by the author James A. Michener, both ukiyo-e and sosaku-hanga (creative Japanese woodblock prints)
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Indianapolis, Indiana,
Kimbell Art Museum
Forth Worth, Texas,
LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles, California, More than 900 images online of Japanese woodblock prints. Los Angeles, California
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York City, New York, A brilliant collection of Ukiyo-e and Japanese woodblock prints
Museum of Fine Art, Boston, The William and John Spaulding Collection of Japanese Prints, - 6000+ images. A fine research resource. English text.  Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Pacific Asia Museum
Los Robles, Los Angeles, California,
Peabody Essex Museum
Salem, (Boston), Massachusetts,
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Phoenix Art Museum
Phoenix, Arizona,
Portland Art Museum
Portland, Oregon,
San Diego Museum of Art
San Diego, California,
Seattle Asian Art Museum
Seattle, Washington,
The Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland, Ohio,
The Dayton Art Institute
Dayton, Ohio,
The Johnson Museum of Art
New York, Cornell University, Ithaca,
The Minneapolis Institute of Art
Minneapolis, Minnesota,
Wright Museum House
Beloit, Wisconsin,

Other useful links

Book Dealers: reference books about Japanese prints

Asian Rare Books
This is a somewhat pricey book-dealer, good selection of rare books about Japanese woodblock prints and art but at a premium plus price.
Hanshan Tang Books, London, United Kingdom. Selection of books on Japanese prints ukiyo-e
Hotei Publishing
An ambitious publisher with many titles on Japanese woodblock prints
Kinokuniya Bookstore
Paragon Book Gallery


Asian Art Newspaper, London, England
Arts of Asia, Hong Kong, PRC
Daruma, Kyoto, Japan
Orientations, Hong Kong, PRC

Societies and Organizations with emphasis on Ukiyo-e and Japanese Prints

International Ukiyo-e Society Tokyo, Japan, (Japanese language only) Only Japanese prints, ukiyo-e and ukiyo-e paintings
Japanese Art Society of America Started out as the "Ukiyo-e Society of America". (New York, USA) (Magazine including many articles about Japanese prints)
Japan Society (New York, USA)
The Society for Japanese Arts (Holland) (Magazine including many articles about Japanese woodblock prints)
International Netsuke Society For those interested in Japanese netsuke

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Important Research Links: Japanese Prints

Japan Tokyo

Ritsumeikan University Ukiyo-e Database - With over 3'000 images - Japanese text only. - Tokyo, Japan

Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University - A huge image database with 46'000 items, Japanese text only - Tokyo, Japan


Washington DC

The Library of Congress - Prints and Photographs: An Illustrated Guide. Washington DC

New York

The New York Public Library - New York City, New York, some brilliant condition Japanese ukiyo-e prints from the Otto Havemayer Collection

Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Print Artist Links

Other Resources

Art History Resources on the Web

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