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Japanese Woodblock Prints – Free Japanese Print Appraisal

Sell and Buy Japanese Woodblock Prints

Sell your Japanese Woodblock Prints? We buy prints for cash.

We buy and sell Japanese woodblock prints.

We are Buying Japanese Woodblock Prints

We are actively buying Japanese prints. We are buying for cash. We also arrange expert sales on consignments and auctions, private sales arranged, very low commission rates.

Selling your Japanese prints or just would like the value

Would you like to sell your Japanese woodblock print(s) or just want to know the value? Contact us.

How to get started selling your prints

Please use the form below (the Free Japanese Print Appraisal Form) or send us an email. We will provide values for your prints.  info@japaneseprintappraisal.com

If you have digital images please use the form to send them or attach them to an email. You can also send images by normal mail either as paper copies, CD/DVD or photocopies.

Japanese prints and pricing – A short market overview

Japanese woodblock prints of quality have the best market in Japan. We are the only foreign dealers with a very extensive network of major Japanese collectors, museums and other institutions.

We have more than 50 years International experience of buying, selling, professional appraising and evaluate Japanese prints.

If you are selling, we are sure you will get much better paid from us than anywhere else.

We can help you

We come from a family of several generations of art professionals and we have been active more than 50 years in the fields of Asian art and Japanese prints. We have built up the most extensive contact network of buyers and sellers, all around the world.

We are both buying and selling individual prints, books, paintings, and drawings as well as collections.
We will get you the best price for your prints.


We always buy Japanese prints. Contact us! Japanese print appraisals are for free.

Japanese Woodblock Prints Value?

If you fill in the above form you can find the value of Japanese woodblock prints.


Japanese Print appraisal and valuationValue of Japanese Prints in an Appraisal

Some of the Shin Hanga artist we buy and sell; Kawase Hasui, Hiroshi Yoshida, Ito Shinsui, Ishikawa Toraji, Hashiguchi Goyo and many others.
We also value, buy and sell Western woodblock artists such as Elizabeth Keith, Charles Bartlet, Fritz Capelari, Paul Jacoulet et alia.

Selling Japanese Prints? — We buy Japanese prints.

Japanese Woodblock  Prints Wanted!

There is a demand for Japanese prints in the market. However one has to bear in mind the demand is very different in for example USA, Japan, and Europe. 
Japan is by far the strongest market. However, some items which are almost impossible to sell in Japan fetch very high prices in the USA and/or Europe, and vice versa. 
The Japanese prints wanted by collectors and institutions in different areas is quite different. Therefore it is of utmost importance to have a complete market reach in all markets. We are unique in having a completely global market reach.

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