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About Us
Fine Japanese Prints and Paintings Ltd.
Fine Japanese Prints and Paintings Ltd. focus on Japanese prints, Japanese paintings, and Japanese illustrated books (ehon), from the eighth century until the present.
Anders Rikardson, the main person responsible for this site, has been in the art business since 1969 and as a Japanese print professional since 1972. He is also doing most of the appraisals.
Fine Japanese Prints and Paintings Ltd. do also handle Chinese paintings, Chinese prints and Chinese woodblock illustrated books as well as Korean prints and paintings.

Main client groups are institutions, museums libraries, and "professional" collectors. We welcome correspondence from anybody interested in Japanese art. "Fine Japanese Prints and Paintings Ltd" have high-quality prints and paintings suitable for any budget.
We have a selection of fine examples by the best by artists like Sharaku, Utamaro, Kiyonaga…. to kuchi-e.

We are specialists in finding desiderata items for our clients. We can also find exceedingly rare items.

The quality of our inventory is among the highest obtainable in the market and the selection among the widest of any dealer. Most private, institutional and dealer clients, express that they think the prices are very reasonable.

We have representatives or offices in Europe and Japan, and an agent in the US. Travels every month to either Europe or USA.

Our prints carry a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. We strictly and only handle original material of the period, no restrikes, reproductions or similar.
About - Anders Rikardson
Anders Rikardson is a specialist in Japanese prints, Japanese art, and other Oriental arts.
The author (web logger) for this site and adviser to Fine Japanese Prints and Paintings Ltd. Rikardson is based in Sweden and also Tokyo, Japan.
Rikardson was appointed as an authorized Appraiser of Oriental Art in 1982 by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. He was the first officially designated expert appraiser of Oriental art in Scandinavia. Mr. Rikardson has appraised Oriental art on five continents, appraised art works for some of the most important museums and collectors in the world. Anders Rikardson has also been a consultant to law enforcement agencies in both Europe and Asia.
Since 1965, a collector of ukiyo-e & Japanese woodblock prints. Established as an Art Dealer of Japanese Art and Old Master Prints in 1969, since 1972 specialized in Japanese Prints.

Member and associate member of:
Japan Ukiyo-e Dealers Association
Japan Ukiyo-e Society
Member and official of various other Societies concerned with Japanese, Chinese and Korean art.

Author of various articles on Japanese, Korean and Chinese art, published in English, Japanese and other languages.


Email us:  If you have any questions, would like to order an item, or would like us to find something for you, or just to be informed about new acquisitions. We are always happy to help you with authenticating and evaluate your art works. We do manage desiderata lists for serious clients.

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