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Hashiguchi Goyo Print Exhibition

GOYO – Hashiguchi Goyo, 130 Years Birth Memorial Exhibition (The Goyo Exhibition catalogue from the Chiba Museum)

(Exhibition catalogue from Chiba Museum, 2011)

Goyo, Hashiguchi Goyo

Author: Iwakiri, Shinichiro
Publisher: Tokyo Shimbun, Tokyo, 2011
Softcover: 211 pages. 418 colour illustrations, 40-50 small b/w text figures.
Japanese text, only.

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Shows many previously unpublished works by Hashiguchi Goyo. Including the recently rediscovered important masterpiece "Haguromo".

The catalogue is a "must buy" for any collector of Japanese artwork of this period. Gives a good visual insight into many different areas of art and design in the first decades of 20th century Japan.

Hashiguchi Goyo(橋口 五葉, December 21, 1880 - February 24, 1921) collaborated very closely with Sugiura Hisui(杉浦 非水 May 15, 1876 - August 18, 1965)  when they both were working as a designer for Mitsukoshi Department Store (Gofukuten). Sugiura was arguably the foremost graphical designer of the very late Meiji period and the Taisho period. During Goyo's and Sugiura's joint tenure at Mitsukoshi, Sugiura was  Mitsukoshi's head-designer, Goyo's work is profuse but more sporadic then Sugiura's. Goyo's and Hisui's styles blended so closely that on most unsigned works it is almost impossible to say which one did the design.

Goyo's cooperation with one of Japan's most famous authors Natsume Soseki(夏目 漱石, February 9, 1867 – December 9, 1916) is carefully examined.

The present catalogue gives ample opportunities to make an appraisal of Goyo's entire body of work. The value of the catalogue is in the huge amount of illustrations of never before published works and in this respect, it's a big improvement on Iwakiri's previous Goyo Exhibition catalogue (1995).

A must-have for the Shin hanga collector.

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