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Shin Hanga - Hasui - Shinsui

Beautiful Shin Hanga - Revitalization of Ukiyo-e. (The Robert Muller Collection)

(Exhibition Catalog, Edo Tokyo Museum of Art., 2009).
 よみがえる浮世絵 : うるわしき大正新版画展
Yomigaeru ukiyoe : Uruwashiki taishō shin hanga ten

Ito Shinsu frontcover; Robert Muller Catalog: Ito Shinsui, Kawase Hasui, Hiroshi Yoshida et al.
Robert Muller Catalog Front cover by Ito Shinsui
Softcover: 277 pp., profusely illustrated in colour with prints from the Robert Muller Collection and other sources, text in Japanese, image captions in Japanese and English, English essays and list of plates, about 315 colour illustrations and some B&W text figures, 30 cm.

Publisher: Asahi Shimbun & Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum, Tokyo, 2009.

ISBN (10) 4924965685
ISBN (12) 9784924965683

Price $ 47 + pp $22(Europe/USA) (only 2 copies available)

Same price as before!  Price $ 47 + pp $22

Essays (in Japanese and English):

  • James Ulak - Robert O. Muller: The Practical Romantic.
  • Koyama Shuko - The Birth and Development of Shin-hanga, Focusing on the Activities of the publisher Watanabe Shozaburo.
  • Includes bibliographical references, valuable for the collectors, researchers or institutions trying to build a library on shin-hanga (p. 258-259).
A very fine catalog of the Robert Muller collection of Shin Hanga prints with much documentary material on the printing and the process of creating Shinhanga. Strong on Shinsui, Yoshida and Hasui prints.
  • An essential reference source for the "Shin hanga" collector as well as the general Japanese print collector.
Some of the artists mentioned in the catalog are:
  • Hashiguchi Goyo 1880-1921
  • Hirano Hakuho 1879-1957
  • Ishikawa Toraji 1875-1964
  • Ishiwata Koitsu 1897-1987
  • Ito Shinsui 1898-1972
  • Ito Sozan 1884-?.
  • Ito Takashi 1894-1982
  • Kasamatsu Shiro 1898-1992
  • Kawase Hasui 1883-1957
  • Kitano Tsunetomi 1880-1947
  • Kobayakawa Kiyoshi 1897-1948
  • Miki Suizan 1887-1957
  • Natori Shunsen 1886-1960
  • Oda Kazuma 1881-1956
  • Ohara Koson 1877-1945
  • Ota Masamitsu 1892-1975
  • Shima Seien 1892-1970.
  • Takahashi Hiroaki 1871-1945, (Shotei Takahashi)
  • Torii Kotondo 1900-1976
  • Tsuchiya Koitsu 1870-1949
  • Yamakawa Shuho 1898-1944
  • Yamamura Toyonari 1885-1942
  • Yoshida Hiroshi 1876-1950
  • Yoshikawa Kanpo 1894-1979
  • Charles W. Bartlett 1860-1940 (Charles Bartlett)
  • Cyrus Baldridge 1889-1975
  • Peter (Pieter) Irwin Brown 1903-1988
  • Helen Hyde 1868-1919
  • Elizabeth Keith 1887-1956
  • Fritz Capelari 1884-1950
  • Bertha Lum 1869-1954
  • Lilian May Miller 1895-1943
  • Paul Jacoulet 1902-1960
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