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Hiroshige Snow Landscape

Hiroshige - Temple in Snow

Hiroshige. A Japanese print of a snow winter landscape. © Copyright 1998-2014

Ando Hiroshige (Utagawa Hiroshige I) (1797-1858) (歌川広重) - Asakusa Kinryusan, chutanzaku.

A snow scene from the series "Set of Famous Views of the Eastern Capital", subtitle "Sensoji in Snow". Hiroshige is creating deepth by using an image "cut-out" techninque which might have been one of the biggest contributions any Japanese artist ever have done to world art. He efficiently crop the pagoda in the foreground as well as the pagoda in the background, thereby focusing the viewer on the "endless" empty space of falling snow.
The series is one of the most rare of Hiroshige's mid period "Edo View" series.

Size: Chu-tanzaku
Signed: Hiroshige ga
Date: 1838-1842
Condition: Very good, some very light soiling on top margin and some minute wormholes repaired.
Impression: Very good


(If interested in this or similar prints let us know and we can try to find something)
Inventory: Ando Hiroshige 1wb

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